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The Philosophy of: Illy

Illy’s a rapper (is he though?) but you’ll never hear an Illy song about bangin’ bitches, pimpin’ rides or makin’ it rain.

He also doesn’t crap on about fame, fortune, status, success (in the bullshit, most superficial sense of the world) or swag. And why not? Because that shit matters absolutely 0.00000000*.

Illy’s about humility, appreciation and gratitude, as well as getting to know yourself, working out what’s best for you and living the life you want. But he’s also about embracing and enjoying the here and now, and living it up. Because it’s actually all gonna be over in not that long (and who knows, maybe even sooner than that)¹. 

Illy on how to live a good life

1. Catch 22

‘What’s the point of all those years if you spend ’em missing out?’


2. No Tomorrow

‘Ain’t no tellin’ what’s ahead of us so I’m livin’ life like there’s no tomorrow’


3. On and On

Life’s a song that plays once through, true,
so I keep my best days in my front view.
Cause, sure thing, one day I’ll be gone,
but I don’t need forever man, nah I don’t need that long.’

Have you got a spirit animal²? Well if I had to choose, this’d be my spirit song. It’s over four years old now, but a lot of what’s in this is still evident in his music now. And basically it’s like an IKEA instruction manual on how to live a good life. And that’s why I just said fuck it and went ahead and included an entire verse from it right up in here, right here right now (click for full lyrics):

Yeah, life’s a song it ain’t one run forever
And the best parts in are the ones sung together
So look, I don’t wanna be alone
So play it through the speakers, you can keep the headphones
Shit, I just wanna go but you can come too
You could share my view, we can sing the same tune
All roads lead to somewhere, life’s like music
For each new direction you move in, never lose your roots
Cause it’s not what’s now it’s what lasts
It’s less about the outcome, more about the path
Cause life passes, blink hard you miss parts
So look ’em in the eye and you speak from the heart
You’re never what you aren’t
No point trying to swap your voice for another’s
Laugh loud, love lots and dance like nobody’s there to watch
Cause one day the song will stop like..
But till then the beat goes…



¹ So, basically, he’s all about what Bill & Ted are about:

² Mine’s one of these. Forever in the water, just floating around, cruising from one thing to another and then back to the other thing… yes please.