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This could be your last day on Earth. Okay, go.

If this were the last day you were going to be alive, what would you do? And at the end of it, would you be happy with how you spent it?

I’m sure you’ve seen this kind of thing before:


or the lamest one of all:

Shitty. And the last one’s twice as shitty because the guy on the right spent twice as long not aware or conscious of what they were doing.

If someone were to ask you tomorrow, ‘what did you do yesterday?’, do you want your answer to be ‘nothing’? If you work on Constant Consciousness, that is being conscious of why you do everything you do, you take an active role in your life. You’re not a passenger in your own life. You’re doing things that you honestly want to do, or at least fully understand why you’re doing them. As opposed to just mindlessly¹ doing it.

And I’m not talking about curing cancer on your last day, sneaking up to the top of the tallest skyscraper in your city and base jumping from it (unless you’ve done that kind of thing before) or actively seeking out everyone you don’t like and telling them they suck and why. Doing something you truly want to –that also doesn’t hurt anyone– is different from doing something totally dumb and demented. Especially if you do, most likely, live through the night.

If today were the last day you lived, what are the things you’d do? What things are you putting (or do you put) off because ‘I’ll just do it tomorrow.’ Think about the things that make you feel alive and do them now, because those are the things you’d miss doing when you ain’t alive.

And yeah, okay, so your health might be good, and you could be young, or at least not elderly, so the chances of you dropping dead tonight are pretty slim, right? But so were the chances of 3,500 people in Britain last year who suddenly did exactly that due to reasons doctors couldn’t identify or pin on heart malfunction². SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) is an actual thing, where post-mortem examinations fail to determine any preexisting or causal reasons for the person carkin’ it. Every year about 1 in 100,000 people (who also probably thought ‘I’ll just do it tomorrow,’) die without warning or preparation.³ And that’s before we account for the people who get into a car to drive home and never make it, or pedestrians who get fucked over by out-of-control drunk drivers.

If tomorrow you get asked, ‘What’d you do yesterday?’ don’t make your answer be ‘nothing’.

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¹ How is ‘mindless’ even a word? How OR WHY is anything done mindlessly? ‘Doing something mindlessly’ translates to: ‘Wasting life doing something shitty’.