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Do this. Don’t do that.

In this Illy song, Heard it All, he says, ‘Some claim, “Kick back, give it time”, others are like, “Hustle hard or it’ll slip by”.’

And that’s exactly it.

People know how to do things like build subatomic proton particle accelerators, make bridges that don’t collapse, design exotic perfume fragrances that smell like fruit, and a heap of other stuff. But when it comes to life, no one knows anything.

If you put all the advice everyone in the world gives about life into a massive aggregating machine, this is what it would spit out:

Be normal –don’t be different. Don’t be normal –be different. Normal is bad. Different is bad. Fit in. Don’t fit in –be an individual. Grow up. Never grow up. Take life seriously. Don’t take things too seriously. Work hard. Don’t work too hard. Get a steady job even if you don’t like it. Fuck steady jobs –chase your passion even if it doesn’t pay. It’s normal to hate your job. Find a job you love. Be ambitious –strive for more. Don’t strive for more –be happy with what you’ve got. Settle down, get married and have kids. Don’t settle down, get married or have kids  –stay single. Hold off having kids. Have kids but don’t have them too late. Don’t have kids too early. Travel. Don’t travel –buy a house. Don’t buy a house too early –enjoy your life. Don’t buy a house too late- you won’t be able to afford it. Blah blah effing blah.

Conclusion: How we live our lives is all guess work. Philosophers, prophets, aristocrats, life coaches, your annoying uncle… they all had, and have, good ideas. But the ideas don’t fit all.

When we make decisions that don’t go the way we hoped they would, we get pissed off at ourselves. For nothing other than guessing wrong. That decision was the best one based on the info you had. You had to guess and you did.

Try this:

I’m thinking of a number. From one to a billion.
Try guess what it is…
Got it?… Okay, now, multiply that number by 174, and then divide the answer by 14.3. And then add 2.

Okay, what’d you get?

You’re wrong (probably). But are you upset you got it wrong? I’m guessing no. And should you be? Hell no. You did as well as you could with the confusing information you had at the time. And that’s what life is.

My opinion’s just one of the 7.5 billion on this planet –just like yours. We’re all working it out and any mistakes we make are nothing but the result of guesswork. Exactly like what the generation before you did, and the one before that, the one before that, the one before that and the one before that and also the one before that and don’t forget the one before that and the one before that, and about the 124, 000 generations before that.