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There’s only one thing that’s permanent, one thing that lasts forever [Another student of mine inspires me]

I love death. But not because it’s cool and I want to do it, but because acknowledging the fact it’s 100000000% going to happen to all of us, teaches us how to truly live.

Yesterday I talked about the verb ‘to last’ with the class (as in ‘oh man, I hope my grandma’s breakdancing career lasts for ages’). And when you actually think about it, what actually lasts forever? Not much really, not even the big ball of flames up in the sky. The one with the glasses. 

So when I put it to my class, ‘What actually lasts forever?’ one student replied brilliantly: ‘Death.’ Yep, that’s pretty much it I think.

You know this kind of stuff:

‘You’re my BFF!!’
‘I’ll love Gavin forever!’
‘Let’s be tennis partners forever!’


Sorry love, no.

The hysteria to try find stuff that lasts forever in life is undone by the fact that the only thing that will be permanent will be the end of all the temporary stuff. Once a play starts, the only thing that will last will be when the curtain comes down.

So enjoy the temporary nature of things do not last forever.