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Everything is temporary (even The Sun). It’s just some things are a bit more temporary-er than others.

You know that hugeass, hotass, bright thing in the sky… It’s 4.6 billion years old.

But in just over another 4.6 billion years it’s going to collapse in on itself, become a giant red star, possibly even consume Earth and then, See ya later. Even it’s going to be gone.

‘Even Forever’s not Forever’¹

So when someone’s like ‘BFF, BABES!!!’, or if you assume something’s going to last ‘forever’, what does that mean really? Even the sun isn’t forever. Everything is short-lived, just like your life.

So live it up, because even if The Sun’s all like:


Later on, when word gets around, the other stars with a longer life expectancy are all like:



¹ From another Illy song, Extra Extra, off 2 Degrees.