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Is it possible for something to have more than one point to it?

Can something have more than one point? For example, what’s the point of travelling? To meet new people, experience new things, blah blah blah you know the drill. But is each of those a different point or do they make up the one single point, the one single objective of travelling?

The star down the bottom left of this has 7 points:

Each point is as important as the next, because take one away and it’s no longer a star. Just some demented, fucked up almost-star that never was. Like this:

Or even worse, like this:

What the fuck is that, right?

So what’s the point to all this?

Besides me having a ball drawing fucked up stars, the point is to formulate the perfect question about life. Something I’m working on I’ll hopefully have up in an upcoming post.

But whether the amount of allowed physical points that make up something (as in those that make up a star) is the same as the amount of allowed conceptual points of something (as in the significant or essential element of something) is the same, is another story.

So yeah, there is a point to all this. Or points.