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It’s just a _____. [The philosophy of: Chunky pt.2]

When some thing of ours breaks or gets destroyed, there’s usually two ways to look at it:
The first way’s to look at it solely from our own blinkered point of view, to get fired up and pissed off, blame others and convince ourselves that yes, this is a big deal. The second way’s to think, ‘You know what… who really gives a flying flip? It’s just a _____(insert pretty much any material replaceable thing here)____’.

Thanks to some champion chomping by my dog Chunky today, this is what our TV remote now looks like:

The more stuff you own, the less free you are. And if you have something you think you can’t afford to lose, you probably can’t afford to have it (I’m guilty of both).

I’m trying to get rid of or give away one thing of mine to charity every day. But I’m finding that sentimental attachment, dependance, or fear or loss is making my jettisoning of excess material baggage remarkably unimpressive. After Chunky’s chomping, champing and chewing today though, I just lowered my possession count by 1 more.

And from now on, I’m going to be getting a lot more exercise when watching the TV.