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‘Success ain’t final, failure ain’t fatal’

Not much unites people more than embarrassment and fucking up. Well, okay maybe it’s not as simple as that, because being around someone who constantly embarrasses himself or fucks up non-stop doesn’t make for great times.

But what does is how they respond to the embarrassment or fuck up.

The embarrassment or fuck ups we make shows people we’re human, so we connect to them first in that way. Then, if  we’re able to get up, acknowledge the fuckup, maybe even laugh about it and then move on and get over it, it’s shows people a quality that everyone wishes they had.

These guys, Fuckup Nights (FUN) are changing the way failure is seen. And also success.

Success isn’t some cold fact like becoming a millionaire, IPO’ing your company or getting bought by Facebook.

I once heard failure described in the corporate world as an ‘undesired productivity outcome’. What the hell does that mean? Exactly. It means about as much as ‘failure’.

Note: The title is Illy’s ever-so-slightly-more hip hop version of what Winston Churchill originally said: ‘Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal.’