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The Great power of Gratitude

Close your eyes for about 5 seconds…

Okay, now Imagine that was your life. Imagine what you just saw then –nothing– was what you’ve always seen and will only see until the day you die. Just taking a moment to appreciate that you can actually see something, anything, let alone all the good stuff we get to see, can be an incredibly powerful way to feel content with your life.

My eyesight sucks; If I take off my glasses, I can’t tell the difference between normal words like the ones I’m typing now, and words like ‘afbjafbiuanbciweucniuewnqnduidxnd’. But I’m going to guess there are about 39 million blind people¹ around the world who’d do anything to have sucky eyesight like me.

No matter what situation you’re in, there’s definitely at least one person who would DESPERATELY love to be where you are right now, have what you have, or see what you see.

And while we’re on gratitude, this is what Tim Ferriss has on right now. I agree.

¹ ‘Visual Impairment and Blindness’, World Health Organization,