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Find yourself or CREATE yourself?

You know Apple TV, right? Well it’s got this little, paper thin remote and I know someone who’s lost at least 5 of them. In the couch, the kids ran away with it and hid it somewhere, the dog ate it, who knows… But each time they lost it, they’d look for it for a while until they just give up and then go buy a new one.

Life’s not really like that though.

My mate Matt has this idea that you don’t find yourself. As in you don’t go through life just hoping to one day finally understand who you are and to get what’s going on in your own mind. You create yourself.

This song is amazing and it improved my life (here and here is why) Watch at 6:50…

But I think an even more positive and useful approach to life could be:

Lose yourself, create yourself, and then help others create themselves.