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The philosophy of Snufkin pt.3 [Snufkin and Socrates on knowing yourself]

In a lot of ways, Snufkin is my hero. Because of this, this and also this. And there’s similarities between Snufkin and another raggedy-clothed fellow who roamed around doing his own thing, without worrying about the distractions, opinions or desires of the outside world –Socrates.

Socrates said that the knowing your own mind can get you through anything. It’s all that is important. He said that life without self-examination ‘is not worth living’.

As does Snufkin:

Snufkin lives a life of self-examination and introspection, but with a deep sense of appreciation for life and the little things that come with it (it’s also what makes others want to be around him).

So if you’re concerned about what you don’t know, like people knowing more than you about trivia, physics, how to rebuild a fuel injector… fuck it. Knowing yourself renders all the other shit insignificant.

Once you know yourself (or at least get as close as you can to it), you can handle anything that comes your way. There is nothing that can get to your mind, unless you let your opinion of it do so.