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What makes us human? (+ The philosophy of On Wonder – All We Do)

That’s the thing about being human. That our capability and potential is huge. And being human means we should channel it in a way that serves other people and serves the total nature and everything.

– From All We Do by Oh Wonder

Throughout all the years, the 200,000 of the modern human, throughout all the generations, all the great wisdom and philosophy, all the trials we’ve had, all the lessons we’ve learned, all the mistakes we’ve made, and the good, all the bad… we still ask each other for advice. Why?

One, because we don’t have the answers –even after all this time, we still don’t know what we’re doing. Figuring it out for yourself, and doing what you think’s right for you and those around you. The other humans.

And two, we’re all connected, even if we don’t know each other. We’re part of the 1 collective organism known as Humanity. And we exist, as every other species does, for the better of its own species and the environment which sustains it.

What makes us human?

This is a magical song and video introduced to me by a student today. I’ve never cried while teaching (a sign of a good teacher) but I did get a tear in my eye at some point of this: