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The philosophy of Oh Wonder – All We Do (pt.2)

This song and video deserves two posts. And these are some of the brilliant answers to the question ‘What does it mean to be human?’ from it.

People always think they have these boxes they have to check to be successful. But to who?


Uplifting somebody. That’s what the human life is supposed to be about. Uplifting somebody.


You have to surrender and accept where you are. Because when you accept where you are, it’s a lot easier to move forward.

Success is making the most number of people’s lives better… Because we feel a sense of purpose when we make other people’s lives better.

To be human is to know we’re not alone.

In your life you will find lots of stumbling blocks. Lots of them, but you have to just jump over them.

You’re never out of the game until you’re actually dead. As long as you’ve got breath in your lungs, as long as you’re still moving, as long as you’re breathing, you’ll always have a second chance. There’s no such thing as no second chances. Life doesn’t [say] ‘oh, you failed, so that’s it for you.’

There’s no title on you… Being human is everything.

Do something for someone you don’t know. That’s what life’s about.

Find yourself, lose yourself, and then find others.

Here it again (and here’s the lyrics, which are equally as brilliant as what the people say):