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Is the right answer or the right decision (for you) your instinctual first thought? (Inspired by one of my students)

When you’re asked something, or you need to make a decision, is the one that’s truly the best for you, based on your understanding of yourself and what you truly want the one that comes to you straight away?

Without a conscious thought. 

If someone asks you your opinion on something or what you want to do about something, Bang. Is the best thing for you to do the impulsive one?

Now, this may not always work out favourably or comfortably (say if someone asks you for your opinion about how they look in certain clothes or something), but the consequences of that decision you make (to say the first thing your instinct tells you) could actually be the path that you have to go on, to learn about the world, people, or yourself.

What if you did the opposite of your instincts?

There is also the opinion that if your instincts are often wrong, do the opposite. Which, as George Costanza proved, works well…

But only up until a point, where your opposite instincts are now your intuitive instincts, and doing the opposite then puts your right back at square one, doing the things you originally did.