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A Deep Dive into: Time [pt.3]: The Philosophy of David Eagleman – How to slow down time

The days of thinking of time as a river—evenly flowing, always advancing—are over. Time perception, just like vision, is a construction of the brain and is shockingly easy to manipulate experimentally.

– David Eagleman

Your perception of time does not rely on mathematical markers such as days, minutes, hours etc. It relies on your perception. And specifically of your perception of what can be done, should be done, and is done in some length of time.

There is no time (or at least the tedious hours-ey, minutes-ey type). There’s only entropy – the process of order to disorder and vice versa. And if you want to extend the time you actually live (since it’s not just that you feel you live longer, but since you feel time, it is actually living longer), here are David Eagleman’s three ideas on how to do it:


And here’s a few other ideas on how to do it…