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The philosophy of: Third World Success Kid vs First World Problems Girl

If you ever think that thing your worried about right now is important, just check:

If your problem is something similar to this:

It’s bullshit.

Gratitude, contentment–and therefore happiness– is a choice. And right now, you have someone somewhere in the world who would kill to have what you have. To have the eyesight to read this, the mental cognition to have full control of their own motor skills, go to the toilet by themselves, live in a place that isn’t war torn or plagued with murder, to go to sleep without praying that a missile isn’t going to hit their building throughout the night and wipe out their whole family in an instant, or even to have the English skills to read this sentence as easily as you can.

First world problems aren’t problems. We used to have real problems and fears. Compared to those days, about 99.9% of our problems (at least in the first world), are just some high school bullshit.