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The philosophy of: inertia (& the philosophy of: Paul Rulkens – If you want results you’ve never had before, you have to start doing things you’ve never done before. And why the majority is always wrong.)

Philosophy and physics are like 2 twins separated and birth and brought up in different families – at the heart of it, they’re fundamentally similar. If you understand physics, you can understand how everything in the world works and interacts with each other. And if you understand philosophy you can understand how everything works in your mind and how everything interacts in your mind and for what purpose.

And inertia is just one example of proof.

If something is set in motion, the only thing that will stop it will be a force acting upon it. Or alternatively, something will remain at rest until a force acts to move it.

So if you don’t actively stop the motion of a negative or destructive or unhealthy or basically self-perpetuating shitty thought pattern, or start a change or way of life, it will continue in the exact same way.

There’s no way a shitty way to live life will turn around without an active decision to either stop the inertia of shitty actions or thinking, or to move it forwards from doing absolutely nothing.