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A Deep Dive into: AI [pt.1] – It’s good that humans only live to about 80 right now because robots are soon going to first fuck up our lives, and probably not long after the human race will be completely wiped out. (+ the philosophy of: Sophia the sassy robot)

If intelligence is the processing of info, and computers can already do it a fuckton quicker than us, we’re fucked. For thousands of years people have communicated and tried to work out the one thing we all have to do (how to live well) and still most of us have no fucking idea. Whereas if you download info into a computer, it knows it. it’s fact and there is no reason to not believe that’s the way to do it.

Humans get colds, have fights with their girlfriends, get their period, get in bad moods, spend half the day on Facebook, make a shitload of mistakes, don’t understand things when you tell them, get pissed off about petty bickerings, come to work hungover and the list goes on for ever.

Robots? They do fucking none of it. And if technology advances at an exponential rate, and efficiency drives progress, can you actually imagine a world where our roles as the best workers and innovators aren’t eventually usurped by AI?

And if AI gets to a point where it does all jobs that humans do, what will be the point of us? Our emotions? What value will emotions have for robots? Something they think is cute? Is that why they’ll keep us around? To be cute? Like cute little house pets that robots will keep around just to ruffle our hair and go wooshy wooshy woo?*

What’s going to be the point of humans? Take ‘advice’ for example…

If you look at it objectively, robots could analyse humans success in living life. Just look at ‘advice’ – how is it possible, that after 200,000 years of existence, people still give shitty advice and most of the time have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to how to live life happily. Why would a computer, that can analyse and create an outcome and then reproduce it without fault, sending multiple perfect calculations over and over and millions of times in the blink of an eye, have any use for us?

Maybe just as comedians because AI won’t have a sense of humour. But since they won’t be human like what will they give a fuck about having a laugh?

And anyway they can already make jokes, the cunts…


* The problem with this thinking is fundamentally flawed anyway, because this is assuming the robots will have similar values to us, which seems ridiculously misguided.