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Does this make sense? Anything that’s damaged by any of the forms of water (salt, fresh, drinking) is not worth shit.

When someone runs because it’s starts raining, it’s usually because they’re thinking one of these things:

  1. ‘Aarrrgh. My ______ ‘s going to get ruined.’


2. ‘Oh dear. I’m soon going to be uncomfortable.

If number two actually makes you stronger and makes for a more tangible, memorable, significant experience, Number one is bullshit because anything that actually matters, ie. anything living, is not damaged by water and, in fact helped by it (to grow, whether physically or mentally).

I don’t know anyone without any artificial compromises (like me and my healing tattoo right now) who’s been harmed by exposure to salt water (not talking about ingestion) but also you can stand in the rain for every second of a 70 year life, and as long as you’re body temperature doesn’t drop to a critical level, you’d be fine.

Technology, wallets, cards, other possessions, even books… not so much. And spray the inside of a house or car with water (especially salt water) and you’re gonna have a shit sandwich soon enough (even shit designed to be in the ocean, swimwear, boats, whatever slowly deteriorate in salt water).

If you want to know if something is actually important, give it water, take it to the ocean, see the effect it has on it. Drop your phone in the ocean and see what effect that has. There’s your test of what matters in life.

Sidenote: I wouldn’t be able to write here without something that matters shit. But that doesn’t mean that if I couldn’t do this, life would be less great. This blog is about self-examination and putting thoughts into words. If I don’t have this, I have a pen and paper (also, both things that are fucked up by water), so if not that, I have my own mind. And deep self-examination is the same as what I do on this site every day.