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You are neither a beast nor a god. And that person you’re thinking about… the same goes for them (The Philosophy of: Good Enough)

It’s possible that people you know spend a lot of time talking about you. But it’s also possible that they don’t talk about you at all.

The truth is that it’s probably somewhere in the middle. 

You are neither incredibly important or completely meaningless. And that’s okay. Because of that, you have been given license to make of this life whatever you feel fit. You are not overly important nor completely insignificant.

You, and whoever you spend your time thinking about, are abnormally normal, or perfectly imperfect. They are neither a priest nor a beast.

So make of your life what you want to. And that person you’re thinking about, yes they may be great, or they may be terrible, but the truth is that they probably either have some great flaws too (or some virtues).