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Question: Are you normal? (Answer: You’re not. And that’s normal.)

What is normal to you? And what’s ‘weird’? Anything unknown (and that challenges what you think is normal)?

Well that can basically everything. What you see as weird is perfectly normal to someone somewhere. And vice versa.

So there is no normal.

The problem with trying to be normal is that only you truly know you. No one will ever know all the things about you. All your fears, desires, random ass thoughts and possible regrets. They’ll only know the you that you choose to share, express and talk about.

So though you will never truly know what it’s like to be the people you care about the most (and why they do the things they do), and you may love to be able to know everything about them (maybe)– and conversely, they’ll never truly know what it’s like to be you– the best we can do is to share who we are. Through conversation, art and love.