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‘Better a priest, than a beast.’ – The Philosophy of The Mighty Boosh’s Bongo Brothers, specifically Rudi Vandisarzio (If balance and moderation is essential to everything, then is indifference to everything also the key to a good life)?

Once upon a time, The Bongo Brothers went wandering the desert, in desperate search for the new sound. Well, it was once upon a time in an episode of The Mighty Boosh. And this is how it all went down.

And while Spida Dijon is a brash, young and wild ‘typical’ drummer, Rudi Vandisarzio is a calm, measured and wise psychedelic monk (he’s also a self-proclaimed psychedelic Jesus, and has been given the door of Kookoondoo in his head –which is only acquired through opening your mind, wisdom and noble acts).

When in search of the new sound, they stumble upon a taverna in the middle of the desert, full of women and booze. To Spida, this is heaven.

And to Rudi (at 17:10)…

“I’m not interested in base pleasures.”


So is indifference (to everything) the way to not only be flustered, frustrated, disappointed or angered by anything, and also the key to a tranquil, content, philosophical (and perhaps happy?) life?

Whether it’s eating chocolate, spending vs saving money, spending time alone vs with people, drinking booze or whatever, it seems that the key to doing these things is moderation. So if moderation is a kind of balance between two extremes, the black and the white, isn’t indifference the emotion that represents moderation and balance as the emotional state to constantly aspire to? If you are indifferent to everything, nothing can upset or unbalance you. Enjoying the good times and the things that give you joy is one of (if not the) the best parts of life. In fact, it’s those moments of joy that may be the purpose of life. But it’s important not to be a slave to them, to realise what they are, to take them for what they are. Pleasures, that through indifference, don’t control you, but you can control (and enjoy them for their true value.)

Because according to Rudi:

Better a priest than a beast (at 10:10).


Oh, one problem of leading the life that Rudi does (at 8:40): He’s also has been caught making love to his guitar, which he says he was only tuning at the time. That might not be the way to a balanced, tranquil and philosophical life.