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If you know yourself, it’s impossible to make a mistake you’ll regret.

‘From thinking to be king: you gotta have wealth, to the inner revolution I call knowledge of self.’

– From Then Till Now by Bliss n’ Eso

The most difficult thing to learn is yourself, but it’s the most important. What makes you excited, what makes you feel trapped, what makes you happy, what doesn’t. But once you do, you can’t make any mistakes. Because if you know who you are right now you can never look back in regret –you made the decision that was right for you based on who you were at that time.

But… Can you actually even do it entirely?

Sidenote: But since every second we get closer to the end of our life, and new things are constantly happening, and people are constantly doing new things, and we are processing new things constantly aren’t we changing every second too? So is it ever possible to know yourself completely? Or is the best we can hope for this?

Is trying to know yourself completely a bit like a dog chasing its tail? It gets so close but it’s always just out of reach? That’s also probably what keep life exciting. Since fully knowing yourself could make it boring.