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Local Dumbass Dog Doesn’t Even Realise It’s His Birthday

BARCELONA, SPAIN–Although his human owner and his girlfriend have been anticipating this day for a week or so now, local dumbass dog, Chunky doesn’t even realise that today is his birthday. Despite the fact that April 16th is the day his owner celebrates his birthday every year (and the date is only a rough estimate noted down by the Dog shelter that found him anyway), Chunky, 5, doesn’t even half a clue. Dumb cunt.

Despite his owner repeatedly yelling happy birthday at him several times, and giving him a brand new bone to chew on as an uncustomary treat, Local insane half-wit canine Chunky seems to either have no clue it’s his birthday or just doesn’t care. What a stupid asshole.

At press time, it is also unclear if shit-for-brains Chunky even realises how important other things like money, humanity’s concept of time, ambition, fame or status are. Idiot.