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Fuck consequences (?) + The Philosophy of: Bernard Black from Black Books

If all significant events in life are transformative, where you can never know or explain what it’s like to have a kid, feel what it’s like to be married, get divorced, have a near death experience or even have sex with a close friend until it happens to you, well then maybe saying ‘fuck the consequences’ to indecision about them may end up being remarkably fucking amazing.

You won’t know unless you try. And if life is short as shit, what difference is it going to make it in the entire context of the billions of years of the universe‘s existence if you play everything conservatively, or just go with your heart and enjoy your brief time alive by living your life as alive as you can, and making others feel as alive as they can?

This is Bernard Black from Black Books, and all Bernard Black wants to do really is to be left alone to smoke, drink wine and read books. He’s sort of a slightly less debaucherous (but perhaps more kind) Bukowski…