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A Deep Dive into: Sex – The pleasure of keeping clothes on

There might not be a word more confused or have a greater subjective meaning than any other in the English language than Love. But actually, no, yes there might. And its definition, significance and what it should be and means to us could be far more difficult to explain than love. And that’s sex


What is sex to you? What do you want to feel from it? It may be more than just pleasure… the purpose of sex, an ultimate position of vulnerability, may be to feel someone’s letting us in. Letting us in to make us feel that they’re comfortable to be vulnerable with us, and to show their flaws. And maybe even within that vulnerability, we can see what it’s like to be them, and allowing them to be comfortable enough with us to let themselves go.

And to do that, to share that vulnerability, you may not even need to take your clothes off.