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Whenever you feel flat or not like yourself, what do you do to bring yourself back? – The Philosophy of: Jason Mraz (and the joys of the small pleasures)

Listening to songs that you did at happy times might bring you back to it. Looking at old photos of times where you most felt the way you love to might as well. Or maybe even writing or drawing or just doing the stuff you did when you most felt happiest.

What’s the song (or songs) that take you back to when you most felt alive, most free, happiest or most like yourself (whatever feeling/s or senses that are the most important to you)?

*This one’s one of mine:

Which reminds me of the sense of freedom (maybe the most important thing to me) that I had in 2010, when I was living in a wildlife park (and later, a kibbutz) and volunteering in that same park in the middle of the Israeli dessert, working with animals and quality people all day, living without a phone, internet, just face to face connection, and freedom:

One of the park rangers (below, the one in front with the sunglasses on his head), played that song on repeat in his pickup truck, no matter if he was giving a bunch of us volunteers a lift that took an hour (or more). That was a lot of Jason Mraz I’m Yours. But not too much.

That song is bliss, and it also includes a reminder those great things with people can be great joys, you don’t ever need anyone else to have a good time. At any point, you can take joy in the simple things (…but my breath fogged up the glass, so I drew in a face and I laughed).