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Be Here Now. – Why is it so hard to be completely present in the moment? (And maybe this is how we can do it)

At any given moment, you may be with someone you care about, but your mind is going over things in your past, your ambitions for the future, your fears about something in 5 minutes, what someone said to you yesterday at work, some annoying chore you have to do that you’ve been putting off… and all of this may occur while someone is even speaking to us…

So how can we completely disconnect from our thoughts and feelings about the past and future, and be completely present in the only moment that matters, the only one that exists, the only one you are ever truly present in – NOW?

Touch, and physical stimulation.

Though your mind may be elsewhere, your body always exists completely in the present. So a way of rooting your mind the present may be to give it more triggers and stimuli to remind it where it actually is right now. Go walking in the rain, touch, and be touched, by the person you love, kiss or have sex with your lover, swim in the ocean, pat and play with your kids or cat…

It may be that connection, to others, whether through physical touch or even deep emotional connection in that moment, is the only way we can ever truly exist, 100% in the present.