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A Deep Dive into: Freedom – In your entire life, up to this point, when did you feel the most free? + The Philosophy of: Oasis’ Whatever (and the moment when I was)

This is a deep dive into something we want in our personal lives, our relationships (or at least for the other person to understand when we want it), our work lives and why we make money, and just in general. Freedom. And ironically, the less you ‘have’, the less responsibilities and obligations, possessions and commitments, the more freedom you have.

If you don’t have much money, don’t have a job, don’t have a partner, don’t have many friends, there is something that ironically you do have a shit ton of… and that’s freedom. Freedom to live your life how you want, and freedom to do the things that make you feel most alive.

So think back*… in your entire life up to this point… at what point, in what moment, at what time in your life did you feel the most free? And why? What are the things you had in your life at the time, and maybe more importantly, what are the (negative?) things and people you didn’t have in it?

Do you miss it? That feeling of ultimate freedom? If you’re living it, you may miss it one day (So enjoy!) Or maybe you’re living it right now?

Sidenote: This is mine: 

This is me in San Diego in August 2012, after moving into my new place. I had moved to southern California about 2 weeks prior. Before this day, I just hadn’t been able to find anywhere to live and was starting to get desperate (I remember one particular moment, after emailing and calling ‘For Rent’ ad after ‘For Rent’ ad, not getting any replies and then throwing my head down on the library desk in exasperation and saying ‘Fuck this.’). Before this moment, I had been bouncing around, Couchsurfing on a bunch of different randoms’ couches all across San Diego (for a couple days in each place) and I was not far off giving up, until one afternoon I stumbled into a Yard sale looking for a Shakespeare book, started chatting to the owner and he suddenly came out with: ‘Oh shit. I know someone looking for a roommate.’

I had no girlfriend, no job, no car, barely any money, didn’t know anyone, was in a new city and country. But I had what I needed – I was alive, I had a bed, and a roof (PLUS, I had Thai pants, music and a cider in the sun). I’ve never felt so free.

What’s your moment? That moment where you were your most FREE?