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If you have something you think you can’t imagine losing, you don’t own it. It owns you.

Do you have something you can’t imagine losing? Or something that you can’t afford to lose?

Well that things owns you. You’re its bitch.

I would hate to lose my laptop, mostly because I use it to write and watch stuff. So I would probably go and get a new one.

I would also hate to move from the Sunshine Coast here in Australia. 2 minutes walk from the beach, the sound of the ocean heard from my backyard and bedroom, it’s the best place I’ve ever lived.

I’ve also published a post on this site everyday for the past 290 days (minus one day in June because I didn’t know how to do the internet properly, and usually I do the internet okay.) But I don’t own that number of posts in that number of days, it owns me.

So fuck it. I don’t want any of those things to own me. Because even though I love being in and doing (respectively) the last 2 of the three, but at the moment they do. I prefer not to be their bitch. So tomorrow, there’s going to be nothing published here. To feel indifference about missing a day (and having to go online everyday). And I want to be able to move from the Sunny coast with indifference (when the time comes).

And if you see my laptop, you can take it if you want.