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The Philosophy of: California. Go on, try name one place on the planet that’s had more songs written about it than that one.

Why the hell are there about exactly million songs written about some state (just 1 of 50) that stretches for about 850 miles along the Pacific Ocean, in the south west corner of a huge ass country that’s as big as Europe (minus Russia and all that)?

It’s because California isn’t only a place. It actually is a state of mind. And an idea. And a belief that you can live all the best parts of life at once. It’s an idea of simultaneous bliss, peace, sunshine, freedom, and that anything is possible. Going to California is not an idea of just going to a place, it’s a idea of going to, and living a completely joyful life. A Epicurean life.

And yeah, the idea of California for a lot of people includes the idea of getting famous and/or rich, but for those that understand what’s truly significant and attractive about being in that state (and in particular, southern California), it’s the idea that anything goes there, and you can do whatever you want. And noone will judge negatively for it. It’s the idea of going with the flow, of whatever happens, happens. That’s California.

Don’t agree that there’s seven hundred and forty three thousand and eight more songs written about California than any other place on the planet? Well, here’s just a few of them. (There’s a shit ton more, here’s a list of them.)