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A Deep Dive into: The absurdity of knowing (& understanding) other people [pt.1] – How is it possible to know what it’s like to be someone, if you can never ever actually ‘be’ them?

Do other people sometimes act weird according to you? And other times is it quite expected? The only thing unites (or divides) you and those people may be the what they do, but it may perhaps in no way at all be the why.

Think about your entire life up until this point…

Think about every single thing that’s happened, and think and about all the emotions, and all the things you’ve been excited about, and all the things you’ve been worried about, or scared about (sometimes do all these emotions go from to the other in the blink of an eye. Think of everything you’ve ever felt, in every single day and every single second of those experiences.

Now, try to explain that exactly to someone? Can you? If you can, you are the god of communication and knowledge of self.

But if you’re not that god, you are probably like most (and let’s be honest, all) human people who are alive.

So how can you express to someone, how can you let other people begin to try understand all those billions and billions of emotions and experiences up until now, that have made you the person you the emotionally conflicted, optimistic, sometimes pessimistic, sometimes euphoric, sometimes fatalistic person you are?

Art. And Love.

Through writing, through fictional characters, through painting, music we can get a glimpse into what is like to be someone else. And through love we may be able to get as close as possible to connecting to who a person really is, deep down. Art and love may be the two ways to truly know what it’s like for you to know what it’s like to be me (and vice versa), and what it’s like to be anyone other than you.