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Even the worst things in life can get spun positively…

…depending on how strong you are.

Yesterday I randomly had a chat with a dude I met while teaching a class at the library. He’s an ex-SAS soldier and he’d been shot 16 times including through his voice box. He told me he was grateful to even have his voice (he had to re-learn how to speak) but also that he still had both arms and legs (some of his ex-comrades did not).

To add to that, he was also a widower. But that’s not how he saw it.

When people find out his wife died, they feel sorry for him. But instead of responding to their sadness with more sadness on top of more sadness and then a bit more sadness, he tells people: ‘Yeah but you should’ve known her. You should’ve met her.’

Even life’s suckiest things can somehow be turned into good.