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The stars have seen it all

In the good times or bad, go out at night and just look up. The stars have seen everything –all the problems, failures, milestones and successes of everyone ever on Earth. There’s nothing new or shocking to them.

Jerry Seinfeld’s going to be remembered as one of the greatest comedians of this generation, and with all the comedians and ‘haha’ and ‘hahaha’ and ‘BAHAHAHA’ funny stuff he’s seen, it’d take something pretty significant to make him actually laugh out loud.

Same thing goes for the stars. Thing is, Seinfeld’s only lived a life of comedy for about 40-50 years. The oldest star’s been around for about 14.5 billion years (give or take .08 billion years). There’s no disaster or achievement that is too disastrous or monumental to them or to the universe.