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Whatever money you’re worried about spending, is it possible that in a month, 2 or a couple years that you won’t remember it?

Any shit that you are obliged to spend money on, you probably are doing your head over cos it’s a shit ton of what you’ve worked for, and you wonder if you really have to spend it, or if it’s worth it.

The point is, that if it’s something that makes you happy and you’re pretty sure it will, it’s likely that any money spent on something on it (visiting your family far away, going on a trip you’re going to love and that’s going to bring you to life, or spending on a concert you know you’re going to love) is not only going to be worth it (in terms of feeling alive) but soon enough you may even forget that you spent money on it. Money comes and goes, but living and having experiences stays.

Are you worried about money? What importance does the quantity of a series of cardinal numbers (in your account) have on life, or the ‘Pale Blue Dot’? (The philosophy of: The School of Life – You are not what you earn)