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Tomorrow valentine Day. Here are tips for to do love on somebody

Hello I am Dave how are you I am fine thankyou and you? You are welcome to my words and lines. I not write for much time until recently but now actually I am. I am write now. Hello (Goodbye?). I am live in Espain during more that 5 years now and these will be going to be my words in the moment and on the future. I explain you, no? Here you have. I wait you like.

Tomorrow is the Valentine’s Day. Do you know how to make woman feel good about you looking on her and talk to her and think you are good person? Well I know this, so calm yourself I give you the recommendations.

  1. If you want to have happy couple on Valentine’s Day, say your partner you are in love of her. Woman like to feel in the love, like men and even dogs!
  2. Give flower to your partner. Woman like flowers even though flowers die and look like a shit in 2 day! Not worry about that!
  3. Write a song of love for your partner and play guitar when you sing it. Just write a song of love and sing it to on her. More long the better. If you make it longer than November Rain you will be given the love from her!
  4. Remember to tell on your partner why you are in love of her and why you are in love of her!
  5. Do not say ‘I not like you’ and prefer to go pass time in bed alone eating sandwich.
  6. Most importantly, divert yourself and tell yourself in mirror I am being the love of somebody so the lives is good!