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You watch the Benidorm Festival last weekend? Very Good music. Excellent music and not lame, much talent!! Like is usual in Espain and Europe- best music taste!

Hello I am Dave how are you I am fine thankyou and you? You are welcome to my words and lines. I not write for much time until recently but now actually I am. I am write now. Hello (Goodbye?). I am live in Espain during more that 5 years now and these will be going to be my words in the moment and on the future. I explain you, no? Here you have. I wait you like.

You watch the Benidorm Festival? Very talent! Here in the Espain the music likes us and we have a good taste in the music. For examples, did you see the Benidorm Festival last weekend. It is the choice maker for Eurovision and guau, again we in the Espain show we have the good musics and most talents!

One woman singing about what a bitch she is, win. She is similar age to America President Joe Biden and also has similar chance of survival until main challenge, thinks Mexico Egypt and president of Mexico decides border crossing restirictions from Rafah onto Gaza. Here you have her performance of singing about bitch. Wow. Musics in Espain, it is amaze me…:

But if I’m to being honest, on one hand, in the group of musics, this was best one. PERFECT lyrics and much emotional! Espain is on it’s best with musics like this wet man:

But musics talent was so good that many music songs not win but if were any other country win for sure and go to Eurovision and win for that country and then say thank you Espain and give reward to Espain. Like this musics greatness by musical man who is not boring idiot:

And was also this person singing a song of music that was #1 in world:

Wows. I can not believe. Finally, this guy, fucking asshole:

What night! Can’t believe. One more time Benidorm Festival come and go and we as the people is happy for it. Increible memories. Agains, Espain test that music in this country is number one and better than english musics like Eminem lyrics and Nick Cave and Taylor Swift writing and Gang of Youths and Decemberists Mariner’s Revemge song and Sleep Token and drummer from Bring Me the Horizon and Leonard Cohen Hallelujah and Jeff Buckley sing this song and Silverchair Diorama and Blink 182 Dysentary Gary and American Idiot album all together. Everyone know Espain music best in world, now actually Benidorm proves!