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Do You Look It? Look the Movie! My Resumes of the films: Internet Boy

Hello, how are you I am fine, and you? I live in Espain now for 5 years and I share my brain thinkings with you, of the lives in Espain. And one thing that likes me very much is look the movies. Do you like to look the films? I LIKE LOOK! I LIKE LOOK! Well, if you like look too, welcome to my resumes of the films.

Today I explain you and talk over the film about the man who create the Facebook, and his history of this man’s lives and how this man fuck on his friends and how this mans’ internet website become number one internet social internet website of all internet websites. This website on internet was make by one man. This film called Internet Boy.

Yesterday, I look the film about the man who create the Facebook. This man create a web that change world and let everyone type letters on keyboard, and destabilise democracies because of lies and put photos on internet that are fake and cool! This man change world. This man called Internet Boy. And movie is called Inernet Boy. Wow what a history! But HAVE CARE, because I spoil you!

So, do you know this internet web called “The Facebook“? If you not know, it is like place where you can give assasination and sex threats on people and woman and nothing happens! It is great. Well this web need someone to invent it, and that man for the work was…. Internet Boy.

Do you know this Internet place? This is normal page on “The Facebook”

This film start with Internet Boy in the university and he is asshole to girlfriend and she breaks the relationship, then he angry Internet Boy and Internet Boy create website to say which girl is more handsome than other one and this make Harrvard University network go bang bang and big huge canoeing boys ask Internet Boy to help them make a web called Harvard Connection but Internet Boy think, ‘hey what idea good! I to steal this idea, but not really because it is a shit, and I make same internet place and then gain billions of dollars but fuck on my best friend and later my internet place is use for typing on keyboard at people and also for assasination and sexual threatenings on black people and women and destanilise democracy with lies and then everyone will remember me like Internet Boy!

Internet Boy do this one, you know?! What success story. And now you can enjoy The Facebook! So, do you make a profile on The Facebook or no? Ok, I make profile on The Facebook and if I want I can make threats of death and sex on people, but I not, BUT CAN IF I WANT, thanks on Internet Boy! Well I think yes you is make The Facebook Profile now, so as the people is say “Let’s The Facebook me later!” jajaja You The Facebook me and I The Facebook you leter!! jajaj

The Facebook Me later!

I give this movie 3.5 stars from the 5!

Also, if you want to watching the movie, well you can do this because Google think fuck on you Internet Boy, and that is because this movie is still on the Youtube! jajajaja