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There’s ONE way that time travel is possible. And it’s happening every moment, so go with it – The philosophy of: Billy the Kid (in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

So time travel (backwards) is a toughie… and one of the reasons is this…

But you are always time travelling. Into the future. Just now, your past 3 seconds ago is gone. Forever. And ditto your past 3 seconds ago now. So you’ve got two options: 1) You can pine for the old days and believe everything and everyone and everywhere used to be better, try desperately to go back in time and live in the old days or 2) You can accept that all things have to change, and are always changing, accept it without fighting or judging it, maybe even laugh at it, make the most out of the changes and do what you can to use them to your advantage and be challenged in completely new ways (that lead to growth) and experience completely new things.

Like Billy the Kid: