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Recently Relocated Local Man In Spain Can Still Do The English Okay

BARCELONA, SPAIN–Despite concerns that having to learn not one, but two new languages would lead to a deterioration of his native English communicative skills, local man Dave Martin says he can still do the English okay. And not only can he still do English okay, but according to Martin himself, he can also “say, wrote and listen it okay too”. Speaking after moving to Spain only two days ago, Martin said, “Me think doing all my spare time in learn Catalan and Spanish make mine English brain bad and maybe go bye bye, but actually is make my English brain okay okay and go stay stay. Thank you, hello please.” At press time, it was unclear what effect any future decay–or at least stagnation– of his English lexicon would have on his career as an English teacher, his overall mental sharpness or his life in general, but allaying those anxieties, Martin said, “You no need worry, is okay. Me only need to improve my Englishs for job job. Because I am English teacher job man and doing my English more better is a lot important for my work work but no so much for play play.”