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What’s The Difference? – Travel Me Timbers: Sunshine Coast, Australia Vs Catalunya, Spain

Thinking of moving country? Or even just time for a holiday? Well, if you’re thinking about the differences between where you live right now (The Sunshine Coast, Australia no doubt) and Catalunya (and its revered capital, Barcelona) well look no further, because we’ve broken it all down for you!

The People

The Sunshine Coast has 280,000 people. Catalunya has either more or less than that.

The Food

Australian cuisine is made up of meat dishes, fried foods, as well as a large selection of foreign-influenced fusion servings. Traditional Catalan cuisine consists of many signature meals with different names that will make you either go, “mmm, yum.” or “hmmm, I’m not so sure I like this. What’s in it?”


The Australian identity is a complex melange of resilience through challenge, mateship and never giving up. The Catalan identity is something also.


The most common religion on The Sunny Coast is Christianity, where many still believe in the Lord our Saviour, Jesus Christ. And in Catalunya, they believe something too.


Sports fans on the Sunny Coast have a smorgasboard to choose from, with Rugby League’s Brisbane Broncos, Rugby Union’s Maroons, the AFL’s Brisbane Lions and soccer’s Brisbane Roar all plying their trade only a stone’s throw away. In Catalunya, and Barcelona namely, they also have sports teams.

Wildlife and Nature

On the Sunny Coast you’re likely to bump into a kangaroo, wombat or koala at some point. In Catalunya, you are likely to not bump into those organisms.

The Verdict?

Okay, so you want to know which is the better place to live? Well wow! Tell me about it… am I right?! Heyyyyyo!