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The point of philosophy is not to talk an endless amount of bullshit, it’s to do just enough of it to realise how simple things really are, so as to live your best life (+ why Albert Camus gets dissed for being a shit philosopher. And why he probably wouldn’t give a fuck.)

Philosophy is not about making ‘progress’.

Figuring out how to live a good life is as confusing now as it was in Ancient Greece over 2,000 years ago. The worries, anxieties and fears people have are basically the same, the only things that have changed are the technology that affects them.

The point of philosophy and the pursuit of wisdom is not to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk more about philosophical questions such as whether we exist or not, or what reality is (whether what you see in front of you is real or not, it’s the realest thing you’ve got, so let’s move on).

So when Existential Comics relentlessly take cheap shots at Camus, like, for example here, where they have Soren Kierkegaard murdering him for his pursuit of Godless pleasures…

And then give him shit about being a shit philosopher like this…

It just confirms that they’ve completely missed the point of philosophy.

Philosophy is not about doing philosophy; it’s about doing it just enough to ask yourself just the right questions to figure out that things are damn simple, and then living the best life you can based on the fact that you live and die, and that life has always been, and still is, as short as shit.

The point of it is to realise that fear is pointless and the meaning of life is found in its passions, love and joys.

And that’s why Camus is the ultimate modern philosopher. Because like Socrates, who didn’t fuck around and just wanted to figure out what a good life was, all his philosophomizing was done not to do more philosophy, it was to live a good and joyful life (with as little philosophomizing, or –talking excessive shit– as possible).