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Constant Consciousness

You can make as much money as you can or buy or collect as many things as you want but there’s one thing that can’t be recovered. The thing that once you waste, you can’t get back: time.

How much closer would we be to the life we want if we didn’t waste it on things or with people we feel obliged to or just straight up don’t want to?

Plato’s Socrates nailed it when he said, ‘Humans should spend his or her life in self-examination.’

We should aim to be in a state of constant consciousness. Some of us do things ‘just ’cause…’, because ‘there’s nothing else to do’ or ‘it’s what everyone else does.’ Examine everything you do, and think ‘why’ am I actually doing this? You’ll find more of your invaluable time’s spent actually living, not just existing.