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The philosophy of: Amuro Namie

I crap on about positivity a lot. But it’s not about thinking: ‘Wow, everything is wonderful I’m so happy, I’m so happy I’m so happy hey look everyone at how happy I am Hey, hey, hey, hey, everyone do you see how happy I am? Everyone?’, because that’s bullshit (and not sustainable). There’s a difference between dumb-as-fuck delusional happy and pragmatically content.

And if you have a choice whether to be positive or negative, well that’s like choosing between these:


And I also crap on about questions, which Amuro Namie doesn’t, but in Baby Don’t Cry, there’s a question that nails what I’m crapping on about above, (and here)… It’s in the the bridge:

‘Nee yoku naru hou ni toraetara?’


‘Hey, how about seizing the way that’ll turn out right?’

(Here’s the full translation)

And there’s some stoicism here in Only You. Especially understanding that it’s you who controls who you allow in your life or who or what you let affect you…

And a bit more here in B Who I Want 2 B… in that everything of who you are is defined by yourself and not anyone else.