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The Philosophy of: Lucy – Who you are, what you want to be… it’s all obstacles.

All the (created) anxieties around life, like ‘You have to find your passion’, you have to be successful, you have to own a house as young as possible, you need to look cool, or hot, or young… it’s all bullshit… and as Lucy says, it’s all obstacles. All of that stands in the way of unlocking the true power of your mind. All of that stands in the way that you are connected to every single living organism, ever, on the planet. All that ever lived, and will ever live.¹

What you are is a living organism, part of a larger one called existence.

That’s it, everything else, all other thoughts to the contrary are just obstacles to furthering the cause – the cause of existence (by learning).

And pain is that too. When you feel (create) pain, all you know is that. You can not focus on anything else. Self-improvement, expanding your mind, it’s closed. It’s all shut down. Your body goes into survival mode, and does not grow. It braces itself and stays the same. And if time always goes forward, staying the same is going backwards.

¹ And beyond that, you are connected to the matter that came before the first living organism too: