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The philosophy of: Gang of Youths ‘Go Farther in Lightness’ pt.6 – Achilles Come Down

There’s two things that run most of our life and the decisions–both large and small–we make.


And love*.

Once you fall in love with someone, it’ll change your life in some way, and you may even find yourself doing stuff or living in a way, or in a place, you never thought you would. The challenge is to understand yourself well enough to realise where you end and the ‘relationship’ you begins.

Here are the lyrics and what the song’s about.

Sidenote: I’ve been meaning to do a hardcore Socratic examination of what ‘Love’ actually is, but, well I haven’t. What is Love exactly? How come that word is barely mentioned in ancient philosophy? Where we get most of today’s wisdom from? Why have people only made decisions, got married or steered their lives just because of love for only the last couple centuries? I got no fucken idea. Maybe you do but I don’t. But I’m going to look into it.