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The philosophy of: This dude off Youtube, Nelson Ferreira – Joy comes from good shit, and good shit also comes from shitty shit

There are no actual bad things that happen in life. Because the good stuff in life, ok, is great for the joy it gives you, but anything that happens to you that’s crappy at the moment, is an opportunity to turn into something positive. Every time. And something always does, with the right attitude. 

This dude, from what I get from this video, would never found out about this place or gone here if it wasn’t for a flat tyre on his bike. Shitty little thing that happened that probably was annoying at the time, but some Aussie bloke comes along and helps him and turns out he became mates with him and took him to this place:

There are no shitty things that happen. If you get lemons, just say fuck the lemons (and bail?). Everything has the possibility to be turned into something positive. And unreal. Like jumping off 14 metre cliffs.