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What if you talked to, and treated yourself like you did a friend? (& The philosophy of: The School of Life)

When a friend comes to you and tells you they’re worried about something that truly doesn’t matter, or that they’re shit at what they do, or they’re a failure, that nobody loves them,  or they’re dumb, or thinks they’re not worthy, or worthless, or that they’re ugly, or something else? Do you tell them ‘Yeah, you’re right.’ or call them a dumbass or a piece of shit, or do you say something like, ‘Relax. It’s nothing.’ or ‘Fuck that thing. Remember, it actually doesn’t matter.’ or remind them that in fact they are worthy, and they are loved, and they are beautiful, and you know what, they’re actually not such an ugmo?

Probably the second one right?

So what if, when you have any of those thoughts about yourself, you treated yourself like your own best friend, and said those exact same things that you do to your friend,  to yourself? Because if they are true about others, to them, and to you, they’re also true.