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Is the past just as real as the unknown future? – On Now.

If you don’t remember the 13.7 billion years that went by before you existed, then the trillions and trillions and trillions of years that come after will pass by in no time.

– Kurzgesagt

Watch this at 2:30:

If the past no longer exists (even though you are a product of it) then the future is exactly the same. So whatever happened in your past has no impact on your mentality and how you choose to think and act on things, unless you allow it to.

Maybe the past is completely insignificant, and maybe the future, because of its anything-can-happen-iness also doesn’t. Maybe the only time that exists is now. And now that now is done. So maybe it’s only now. And now. You get it.

And what is the significance of anything after you’re dead? Like leaving a legacy or making a mark or any of those types of vain attempts at immortality. It’s possible they mean nothing, except for being able to die in peace, and with peace of mind of the things you did. But the next stage, your state of being dead, it’s likely that nothing at all matters to you.

As it did before you were born.

This moment right now in the context of your whole life, is like a snapshot of your life in context of the existence of the whole universe.

Did you care about what was going on in the world of news, sports, the economy before you were born? Well, that was a similar state to the one you will be after you die. So enjoy now, and take peace from now, doing what you want now, and doing good things now. Because much like the time before you were born, and the time after you die, the only thing that matters is now. Life.