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‘For some idiotic reason, your most horrific experiences are the stories you most love to tell’ – The Philosophy of Xavier in The Spanish Apartment.

Think back to the things that happened to you that seemed disastrous at the time, but now you look back at and laugh at.

Outside of the comfort zone is where the most interesting things happen.

And the more harrowing the experience, the fonder you may become of the memory. And the funnier it may be to remember it, and to tell it to people. Those stories of shitty disasters at the time can turn out to be the funniest anecdotes for others to hear, the ones we love to hear, because it reminds us that no matter how fucked up someone’s else’s situation was, they made it through it, and now we can laugh at them. So maybe we too can make it through those shitty things when they come around.

This is Xavier, from The Spanish Apartment who is well aware he’s in for a time where things are going to be tough, and shitty things will happen… but fuck it, embrace it, and they’ll all be cool stories to tell after. Or to remind yourself of…